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This has to make it in a book…

  • I was kinda hoping someone would summarize it for me so I wouldn’t have to watch itwink

    You being the cooking expert around these parts, I suppose my lack of nerve in eating things with a face is kinda lame. But God created knives for a reason, damn it!!

    Think I’m only half horror chick -I’m terrified of zombie movies to the point I wouldn’t go see Zombieland. Oddly enough, Pirates of the Caribbean is the only exception…

    For some reason there was no disecting of frogs in my science class, which I found odd and disappointing. But I guess cooking school made up for it when I got to put a live lobster in a pot of boiling water. It was, in the words of the great Spock, ‘fascinating’.

    (The fish was sliced opened, skewered with a stick and still twitching and gaping. It was…fascinating. Sorry, had to tell :D)

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    not as bad as i was expecting. pretty cool vid overall.

    Horror chicks FTW!’

    See what’s weird is I cut the still-beating heart out of a frog for a science class and had no problem with it. I approached it in a very clincal and detached mode, I suppose. I knew I had to do it or get a failing grade so I just got it done. Maybe it helped to know that I didn’t have to eat it afterwards.

    (oh and I still haven’t watched the video)

    It just reminded of one time at scout camp some other kids and I were hanging around a lake that had minnows. One kid caught a minnow and carved out it’s heart and kept it. Of course, we didn’t tell the scout leaders about it, it was just so damn cool to see a fish heart. Its a little disconcerting that I’m not in the least disturbed by any of this…

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    This io9 article about the possibility of fish being able to feel pain, made me think of The Tank episodes of The Crypt where the wasp creatures caught the crew of The Tank and are making them dinner.

    I believe Scott mentioned that those episodes were inspired by restaurants that make you chose you lobster in the tank before they become your dinner. And in some previous posts I made about those episodes, I mentioned that when it comes to food Gmork likes her food good and dead. Steak must be well done…no pink. Anything served with the face still attached — fish, lobster, etc — will tempt fate to produce the puking GmorkYell

    So what’s the connection with the io9 article? At the end of the article there is a video that shows a live fish being served at a Japanese restaurant. I want to watch it but I think I might hurl if I do. I can’t help thinking something beautiful in me will die if I watch it. Also I mention this io9 story in this post because I think this might make good research for another Crypt storylineSmile

    Maggots really bother me.  There’s a scene in the opening credits of True Blood where a fox is being devoured by maggots in high-speed.  That bothers me more than this video for some reason.


    If those bug creatures that caught the crew of The Tank ate the humans like these creatures ate the seal pup carcass, that would be OUTSTANDING!!!

    If a bug crawled across me while I watched this video…well, I could sum up the effect in two words.

    Skid Marks!

    Nature is awesome!

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    So I’m watching this creepiness unfold in glorious high-def when a stray bug decides to crawl across my arm.

    Yeah, it made me jump, smack my arm, and do that shiver thing that we all do when a creepy-crawley suprises you on bare skin.

    Boy its a good thing this was time-lapsed. Can you imagine the horror if those things actually moved that fast? 

    **Signatures? We don’t need no stinkin’ signature!**

    Are you reading my mind? How did you know how some things might go down in THE CRYPT? Well, I’m not talking! 

    That is some awesome shit, BTW – went to put it in SCOTT’S BLOG OF F**K YEAH! but they disabled embedding.  

    I agree with Belladonna, the stargfish were beautiful…at first. Until I realized what they were eating.  Then wht sea worms going into and coming out of the carcass….I about lost my lunch.

    Rock on with your bad self, belladonna. You’re a stronger woman than me!!

    The worms going in through the eye…that’s beyond gross. Ain’t nature cool?


    Well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be…  The worms grossed me out but I thought the starfish were kinda pretty!


    Sigler — I watched this video of starfish and sea worms eating a seal pup carcass and thought, "There *has* to be a Sigler story in this"!!  I think I puked a little in my mouth when I watched this video:

    Enjoy the carnage!!

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