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The Washington DC

  • and I’d love Scott to pick this up again someday….
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    It was great to see a ship that attempts to do the stealth/cloaking device thing in a relistic way acnologing that it’s a lost cause to hide in space but trying to anyway.

    … at any given time is made easier when people have nowhere to run.

    Oh, and if you have no idea as to when the guns will fire – well…


    I mean as low as my imagination ussually gets, I was very impressed with the technical way of not just magically putting a list on a page with “these deaths we do mourn…”

    I must say an excellent execution and created more for the character and story overall.



    Most of the time when I read of space battles, it’s nameless crew members being sucked out into the void. Now we have names of the casualties, almost makes it seem more sinister to me. But I deffinitely have 100% concurrage with you on that- that is why Scott is a kick ass writer, does things on a deadline others are powerless to accomplish! Muahahahaha

    But that’s why Scott is an awesome writer. I doubt most authors could have pulled off what he did with that story, especially in the limited time frame he had to work with.



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    I think it actually may have even made the story better

    The fact that the FDO managed to kill off so many junkies and not have it get in the way off a kick-ass story.

    Washington DC was sure as hell my favorite chapter so far. Can’t wait to go back and read it for myself!

    were friggin awesome. What a terribly unconcious, non-stoppable killer with a promise of a most gruesome and painful death. Like Stephen King, Sigler finds the sweet spot of the horrific.

    The only thing I didnt really like was the random spike things. Not really sure what that’s about, but we’ll find out in time I suppose. Probably some kind of tech used with the Crypt. I’m pretty sure that’s what the artifact is, seeing as Dr Keeling discovered it and it says on the wiki that it is named after him because he discovered it (curiously, rather than it being built). 

    "Never take life seriously; nobody gets out alive anyways… Especially if your in one of Siglers’ books."

    Yes, the FDO is the master of cliff hangers

    I initially tried to hold out and listen to the whole story at once. but my addiction got the best of me. Of course the episode ended on that self same cliff hanger… AAAAAAAARGH!!!!

    my expectations were surpassed by the reality of the story.  I had expected the ship to be blown out of the water, and all hands to be sent to the goddess of space. anyway as we know this did NOT happen and therefore love it. 

    I did like the technique of the name scrolling across as a way to get all the dead in there.  



    So, what did you Junkies think of the DC? I’ll be honest, I wasnt expecting much, but this actually turned out to be one of my favorites. I’ve never gotten a story to get me that excited and itching for more like this once, right when the DC was discovered and that wonderful bastard Sigler cut it off right before the artillery rounds hit. Thoughts, speculations?

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