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The True New Future of Western Comedy

  • I’ve never seen any of his stuff on TV, but his standup is gold.

    It’s hard to list a better name than him right now.

    You’re an intelligent, well dressed gentleman. And it’s INCREDIGASMICSAUCE.


    “My presence will only be made known by the icy chill of the North Wind you feel an instant before your death.”

    -Anonymous (Me)

    Drop your socks and grab your… Copy of Ancestor! Owner of the Isis Ice Storm [flickr-photo:id=4779220092,size=m] Puller of strings



    Louis CK’s new show “Louie” on FX is easily the funniest new show on television. I may be biased, as I harbour a deep love for Stand Up, but this show is absolutely amazing. If you have not checked it out yet, I URGE you to. I PLEAD with you too. I FELLATE you to.

    Scratch that last bit.

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