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the theft of all human knowledge

  • Well one is a book called war is a force that gives us meaning. It is mainly a book about the effects and needs of war on human life but a large part of it is about how governments (such as the Bosnian and Serbian governments did) controlled the information that people got relating to anything and everything, often times completely changing the truth so as to force people to believe everything they were told. It is very revealing, I suggest you read the book in whole, and multiple times so as to fully understand it’s meaning. I recommend it for everybody to read.

    cheers sgt
    i will have a look at that
    any material that you think may be helpful

    That’s the same kind of thing that happened between the bosnians and the Serbs, plus a few cultural and religious disagreements, but still they are a great example of this kind of situation. You could research that if it’s any help.

    jay i lke that idea

    i now have a rough idea about the story and a plot direction but the more i plot it the more paths open up to me( like universes in fringe )

    the internet could become sentient and start killing people and taking there knowledge to improve and further itself, and could be revealed that someone or something caused this because there collecting the knowledge to use for some shadowy purpose. then you have the force behind it all, the net itself and the people trying to stop it all 3 way SciFi battle royal

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    A scary concept!
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    Control the knowledge and you control history and the people ala 1984.
    Ve veri veniversum vivus vici (idea’s cannot be killed)

    Who would be taking the knowledge? Some big-box faceless nameless corporation that would find a way to slap a brand on it and sell it off a piece at a time. Th e motive would be money and control about what people would learn. Also, you could go quasi religious and set t AFTER the knowledge was stolen by the “man” and that people were reverting to ignorance unable to read etc.

    what if the internet expanded so much that all human knowledge was conatined on it so that the human race apart from a few had to think for themselves and then someone tried to take that knowledge away

    and idea i have had for a llong time but not sure how to expand on it

    who would gain who would suffer etc and the motive

    so many ideas on this but i want ifdeas from others to see if the story would work

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