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The Tenderloin

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    What a crazy, cool site!

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    Some of the crazier shit that’s happened on those street corners are archived on the site too….

    The amateur voyeur in me thinks its possibly the coolest thing….ever!


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    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    I’ve never been to San Fransisco, California … although I’ve seen enough pictures to feel like I have.  But I recently came across this guy’s website named, Adam’s Block and I am completely mesmerized by it.  I had never heard of The Tenderloin section of San Fransisco prior to seeing this website but I am totally addicted now!!   Basically this guy has live streaming video of his neighborhood going 24 x 7 and has also archived video of the more "colorful" events that have gone down on camera

    Check it out here

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