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The Sigler Shakes

  • Your tears of withdrawal give me strength! 

     I just forgot to mention it in my mindless rant. That’s true; I’ve got the weekly fix coming my way, and that’s all good.


    But, uh, I’m going from, like, 2 hours A DAY to a little bit per week. It’s, uh, hard, you know? I mean. It’s soooo good. And, uh, well >sniff< I’ll take what I can get.

    I probably should have eased into this addiction, you know? >sniff< But it’s, uh, too good to just let it sit without enjoying it. Guess I’ll have to wait until April for Ancestor, but I’m a patient man.

    By the way, I like your Crypt re-cap n episode 5. 🙂

    EDIT: Your Crypt: Washington DC re-cap…


    Ohhhhh crap. I’m running out of sigler. It was all great when he gave me the first one free and got me hooked. But now, i’ve burned through everything that I can get my hands on and I’m starting to run out.

    I’ve got the Bloodcasts still to keep me warm on these cold winter nights (ok, not that cold – I’m in California for crying out loud). But if I’m not cold, then why am I shaking?


    Man, this is good stuff. Started out with Infected, then Contagious, then Earthcore, The Rookie and just finished Nocturnal. Too bad I didn’t get Ancestor before it disappeared. Hoping it will reappear in February. But then, I’ll have to make sure they have internet access in rehab.

    <rubs eyes>

    Let’s see…I’ve got all of the blood cast, minus Redman. So that’s um <sniff> maybe 12 more hours, or a little more? Then, I don’t know, man. I’m not so sure FDO would approve of my backup plan.


    After Bloodcast, and the weekly podcasts, I’m gonna have to start 7th Son. If FDO finds out I’m hitting up another supplier (Hutchinssssss!) he’s gonna kill me.


    And that would be too cool.


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