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The Rookie Universe

  • Wait… you like baseball…and Am. Football “bores you to tears”?!? Apparently you don’t understand the chess match that goes on on the field during a football game. Everything that Scott describes in the books goes on on the field in Am. Football. Aliens schmaliens. His description of the game and the infinite complexity of the game is *spot on*.

    Think about that the next time and take an effort to actually understand the game.

    The only sports I really enjoy are baseball, boxing, and Sumo – although it took me being in Japan and seeing it in person to really “get it”. Most folks I know who like american football think baseball is boring, but when I’ve tried to watch football it just seems like a bunch o fat old men yelling at a bunch o young guys, commercials, and grab-ass. I suppose if it had some of the variety of the GFL, it might be a little more interesting. I can’t decided about UFC yet, I have mixed feelings.

    Yes, as a Scot, I didn’t know if I’d like it because the sport is not big in the UK, but it goes way beyond being just a sports book.

    As we know, there are tie-ins with everything that happens in the different story arcs.

    Mr Fast Fingers (title bestowed upon me by guestford_junkie)

    If American Football bores you to tears… what sport does not? *please don’t say badminton please don’t say badminton* Although it does have a shuttlecock and I am well known for cox … hmmmmm FUCKING BADMINTON RULES!

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    As mentioned earlier, my first siglerverse fix came through Title Fight. I am absolutely loving The Rookie. Which is a bit of a surprise because I really despise American football. Just bores me to tears. But this universe, it’s rich and feels so strangely comfortable. I love the meaningful variety in the non-human life forms, and the production value is crazy. Seriously, I’m beginning to the that Scott Sigler is really Shao Kahn, and he’s eaten the souls of a wide range of human and non-human beings. How else could he nail so many accents?

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