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THE ROOKIE is now in your checklist aka Plaid asses

  •    While I am not all that familiar with thongs, I imagine that the ass portion would not have enough to tell if it was plaid or not. Then again, gentlemen typically don’t wear thongs Wink

       Perhaps a tattoo for the good sir? Hmmm, nah, he’s probably too much of a pussy for that. Boxers would probably be best. We’ll look into that when we get the store set up. Although the way the store’s going to work, perhaps the gentleman in question himself? Oi, just thinking about the store logistics gives me a headache.



    And thanks for the rapid response (thanks Bob). 

    Random shit, huh? I was reading some of the other posts and someone made the statement about "getting plaid on his ass" and I wondered if there might be a market for some sort of plaid boxers or sumthing… the thongs don’t have enough fabric to tell that it’s plaid or not…. is that random enough?

    Go Steelers! Go Dawgs! Got my signed copy of "The Rookie"

       Go ahead and chat about some random shit please. Feel free to abuse me or whatever you like Tongue out I need to start writing more vague announcements. These clear ones get buried so quickly no one sees them Cry

      On second thought, it would make a whole lot more sense to ask people to make a secondary random discussion thread when I make one of these. That thread has to have over a thousand replies. Wonder if that makes it slow to process. Bet it does. I know Evo and I had to start a new Google Doc for a project we were working on because the amount of data became too large. I love tangents.



    THE ROOKIE is now listed along with all of Scott’s other treeware books in your profile. Username>Edit>Books

       Thanks to Junkie

    So what are you waiting for? Go check THE ROOKIE off, bitches!

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