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The Rookie Hardcover unsigned?

  • No, that’s not on you, I wouldn’t feel badly about it. How are you to know? But, I wanted you to know so you didn’t wonder why yours isn’t numbered. If Scott ever tours by you for a new book, you should bring it so he can sign it!

    Yep, I did get mine off of Ebay :(. I was late to the GFL party so I wanted a hardcover Rookie to go with the rest of my hardcover GFL books. Thank you for clearing this up. Unfortunately I feel bad that this is a possible stolen book. I’ve looked it over front to back (checking for the signature lol) and I dont see anything identifying to a particular library. Not even a tear or residue where a barcode sticker may have been. It must have been in a protective dust jacket. Thank you everyone for your help.

    We sold library copies unsigned and unnumbered, so your copy might have come from a library. If it was sold by the library itself, that’s totally cool because the book is/was their property. But often, if you buy on eBay or elsewhere, it’s likely been stolen from a library. Not much we can do about it, but those were the only unsigned copies released into the wild.

    Lol, no its not numbered either. Just 1 black dot. I thought it seemed kinda strange all my other GFL Hardcovers were numbered and signed but this one wasnt. Oh well, lol. Thanks for confirming what I suspected.

    That sounds like it may have been a mistake. I think they were all supposed to be signed, and some were personalized by request. They all should have been stamped and numbered as well. Does yours have a stamp and number? It would be on the same page.

    Hey guys! Big fan of the Rookie and I cant wait to read The Starter. My question is, Were there any copies of The Rookie hardcover produced that were not signed by Scott? The reason I ask is every copy I have ever seen is signed except for mine lol. On the first page there is a single black dot and that’s it. I’ve always wondered if that was where Scott started to sign but maybe got distracted lol. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thanks for any help!

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