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The Rookie Hardcover Misspellings

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    I finally decided to write up the misspellings through the end of the novel.

    The ending started with 17 straight pages with only one spelling mistake and I thought for sure that the ending escaped the clutches of the evil Hutchins and his vile typesetters of destruction, but no, I hit 4 more in rapid succession. They rattled me so much that I couldn’t do this write up for weeks. But here they are:

    Page 440, 2414 line

    Says – "They want "Satanic" Whitok removed form Earth."

    Should be – …removed from Earth. 

    Page 453, 3rd Bullet

    Says – "Quyth government retreats to irradiated worlds, where the cretarakians choose not attack." 

    Should be – …choose not to attack.

    Page 462, high-G Human

    Says – high-G Human

    Should be – High-G Human

    Page 462, Messageboard

    Says – "A flat screen about the size of a 8.5×11 piece of paper. Holds 50 terabytes of data.

    Should be – …an 8.5×11 piece… 

    Page 463, The Tri – last sentence

    Says – "The Ace is about 1500 Earth years old and has a population of 112 million."

     Should be – The Tri is…

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    Here are a few more typos, that the evil Hutchinss put into the Rookie.

    Page 343, 4th paragraph after the standings

    Says – "Yeah, that throwing for 305 yards and two TDs, that’s pathetic."

    Should be – …that and throwing…actually this one might be right.

    Page 345, 2nd Akbar paragraph

    Says – "Is that the same one where he three interceptions?"

    Should be – …where he threw three…

    Page 349, 2nd to last paragraph

    Says – "Get your worthless face of my field now!"

    Should be – …face off my…

    Page 391, 8th Dan Paragraph

    Says – "Than it’s a head-game,"

    Should be – "Then it’s a head-game,"

    Page 391, 10th Dan Paragraph

    Says – "You know, were teams play other teams that are pretty damn good?"

    Should be – …, where teams… Also, I don’t think that sentence should end in a question mark.

    Page 436, 2nd to last paragraph

    Says – "What has begun as an amazing discover,β quickly grew into the potential for a fifth Galactic War."

    Should be – …amazing discovery quickly…

    There’s still a chance that the evil Hutch didn’t get to the Timeline or Glossery. I’ll let you know what I find out.


    The Ravens smack-talker in Pittsburgh.

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  • Turns out it was some Hutchinsss Beta Clones that did the typesetting.   We are lucky it isn’t worse….
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You’re right, the stink of J.C. was all over this. I don’t know how I missed it.

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The FDO is always on time and never makes mistakes… (grin)


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"Its the middle of the game. What do you want sleepy for?" 

"Sleepy" should be capitalized since it is being used as a proper noun.

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I’ve noticed a few spelling mistakes in my copy of the Rookie, and I figured that I would make note of them. That way they can be fixed in any future printings.
There are a few more before these, but I didn’t start taking notes until this point.

Page 191, 5th paragraph
Says – cool-suite
Should be – Kool suite (I’m pretty sure about this one, since it’s called a Kool suite on page 108, and in Earth Core)

Page 213, 3rd paragraph
Says – “who ran every play as if his life depended in it.”
Should be – …depended on it.

Page 260, 2nd to last paragraph
Says – “I had some Tower food didn’t agree with me, and it’s a mess.”
Should be – …food that didn’t… or maybe a comma or some sort of break in between food and didn’t

Page 264, 8th paragraph
Says – “it seems something’s got to change of the Krakens are going to get back into this game.”
Should be – …change if the Krakens…

Page 269, 3rd paragraph
Says – “knitting the shreds into a ugly but neat line.”
Should be – …into an ugly…

Page 277, 2nd to last paragraph
Says – “In the huddle, the players seemed different, starting at him with near reverence.”
Should be – …staring at him…

Page 290, Stalkers Box Score
Says – Ionath final score is 25
Should be – 21

Page 306, Last line before break
Says – “But is was a brief second.”
Should be – “But it was a brief second.”

Page 308, 2nd to last paragraph
Says – “Pine, you taking jerk.”
Should be – “Pine, you tanking jerk.”

Page 314, 6th paragraph
Says – “Quentin sat Pine him down on the medsled.”
Either the word Pine or him should be removed.

Page 330, 2nd to last paragraph
Says – “He wondered how anybeing could dance…”
I was going to say that there should be a space between any and being, but since there’s no space in anyone, this spelling might be correct.

There’s probably more. I’m only on page 343, but I hope this list is helpful.

“The Ravens smack-talker in Pittsburgh.”

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