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The Rookie Combine … a question?

  • They would cut you from the team, and you hope you’re picked up by another. But once you’re in, I believe you’re in. As long as you stay in Tier 1 anyway, I don’t believe you would go through to Combine again. Unless they suspect you’ve been modded. If they suspect you’ve been modded after that, and played, if found out you’re in big trouble and certainly not headed for the comfort of the Combine for testing.

    This is how I see it, I’d like to be corrected if any of this is incorrect. Or if someone has more/better information, please elaborate.

    I loved the process of the combine to assess true physical and mental levels of the players and to check for mods, but a nagging question did come up for me … can you do the combine twice?

    Say your scores were not as good as they need to be and then you don’t make the cut with the team that bought your contract … are you free to apply to be a rookie the following year and if so how would the combine work?

    Any ideas or insights from fellow junkies would be most appreciated.

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