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The Rookie Alien Database

  • I had pictured the Sklerno as sort of big-ass mantids with eye-stalks and tentacles instead of scything forearms. *shrug* oh well. Its not like you can expect aliens to look like sentient versions of earth creatures.

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    I came in to give that Junkie a stern lecture about the wiki and how to look there first, and there you are pointing him in the right direction. Well, truth be told, I had to go look on the wiki – and I had no fucking idea you guys had done so much work on the alien races!!!

    Again, to all of you who are pimping out the Siglerpedia, I stand in awe of your abilities and I really hope you’re having fun with it.  it’s amazing that I’m now using the Siglerpedia for reference for my own work when I can’t quite remember something, and most of it is in there.


    …and I love your t-shirt!

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    Thanks!! Exactly what I was looking for.

    Hi Neutrino,

    There are some really great fan created visualizations of the different races in The Rookie Universe that can be found in the Siglerpedia Wiki.  The link below will take you the "Races" page where you can access the individual race pages.  Just about all of them have some sort of artwork depicting the different races.


    I’m having a hard time visualing the Ki, Sklorno and Quyth.  Can someone point out which images are which race?


    i can see people really going for this
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    I was just thinking with this kind of detailed information, a RPG in this universe could be pretty fun. If anybody decides to explore that possibility please let me know. I have a group of RPG friends (also in my circle of football buddies) that would enjoy rolling up something like this.

    I’m already envisioning Ki, Sklorno and Quyth miniatures on a field to simulate the game action…

    “2345 Rewalls complete first successful test of the Punch Drive, achieve FTL status.”

    “2424 Prawatt achieve FTL capability.”

    “2455 Givers land on Kurgurk homeworld.”

    “2430 Estimated time the Givers arrive in galaxy.”

    “2504 Grasslop achieve FTL capability.”

    “2530 Portath achieve FTL capability. Within 4 years (estimated), Portath colonize Thew and Faskah.”

    So obviously Sigler has more species that havent been introduced (save for the Rewalls, but only by name). Fret not Junkies, fret not.

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    Dont forget the Rocktopi. Sure, they’re extinct now, but they where once an alien species in the Siglerverse

    Checked it at 15.46 on 12 October 2007. It was up.


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    Is down or do I just suck? Either way I can’t see it.

    With stats like that, someone could probably create a pretty cool mod for Civ IV that was based in the Rookie universe.

    Hopefully, the wiki is SiglerPedia…. yup, site finally repsonded. Thanks.

    (yet another useless response for 5 more crack points)


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    cool like the list

    OK That should go in the wiki! Put it in anytime!

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    check out this webpage ..its really cool

    Wow This Is Awsome Man. Let Me Be the First To Personaly Thank You. I’ve Been Waiting Forever For Someone To Finnaly Compile A List Of All The Different Species In One Place. So Yeah…..Thanks. lol (Oh And Expect Some Well Deserved “Crack Hits” To Be Sent Your Way:)

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    I would love to put together some sort of quick list of alien information. Maybe we could start to compile some info in these forums. Ultimately information about the biological chemistry, home planets, and stats of the aliens could be an interesting read. Please add your thoughts and other info.

    Planet of Origin: Quyth
    Climate Info: Radioactive, Harsh?
    Ecosystem: Radiotrophic, Photosynthesis?
    Culture: Expansionist, Opportunistic
    Traits: Bilateral, Semibipedal, Monocular

    Planet of Origin: ?
    Climate Info: Gas Giant
    Ecosystem: ?
    Culture: Academocracy?
    Traits: Bilateral, Floater

    Planet of Origin: Ki
    Climate Info: Heavy-G, Humid
    Ecosystem: Swamp
    Culture: Warrior Culture
    Traits: Bilateral, Semi-radial, Segmented

    Planet of Origin: Kretarak
    Climate Info: ?
    Ecosystem: ?
    Culture: Emperial
    Traits: Bilateral, Flight

    Planet of Origin: ?
    Climate Info: Dry, Flat
    Ecosystem: Salt Plains, Grasslands
    Culture: Obsessive?
    Traits: Bilateral, Bipedal, Tentacled

    Human and Derivatives
    How many different types are there? 4-5? Blue, normal, white, aquatic, heavy-g?

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