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The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is… (pg 155)

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    I agree with you. I think it was overlooked in the transition from podcast to print. Now I have to go back and listen to the podcast…once I finish “Earthcore”. I’m hooked!

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    repost, sry

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    I haven’t read the print version of this book so am a little confused by
    your explanation of events but have read that the print version was a
    rewrite as as a result different from the original podcast version, the
    discrepancy you are seeing may just be a result of that rewrite

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    From the few posts I’ve read it looks like I’ll have to go back and listen to the podcast of “Nocturnal”. I recently discovered Scott Sigler by reading “Infected”. Since then have read “Contagious”, “Ancestor”, “Nocturnal” and am currently listening to “EarthCore”. I haven’t read my last 2 book club books because I couldn’t tear myself away from Scott’s books to read a boring autobiography or whatever the other book was.

    Anyway…one small thing that had me scratching my head while reading “Nocturnal”. I assume it was just overlooked, perhaps in the transition from podcast to book. Or the proofreader just missed it.

    In the short chapter starting on pg 155 it talks about Rex dreaming about Jay Parlar dying. Rex also did the “nasty thing” on the drawing of Jay.

    After the cast is off toward the bottom of pg 156 it mentions Rex imagining Oscar’s murder and jizzing on Oscar’s picture. Then right before the last sentence on pg 157 it reads “And tonight, he’d draw Jay Parlar. Would Jay still be alive tomorrow?”

    This chapter was about Jay’s murder and then on pg 156 Jay’s name was replaced with Oscar’s in error. By this chapter both of them were dead…Jay newly so.

    Keep up the great writing. I’m loving it and spreading the news about this awesome author I finally found out about.

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