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The Official WASP thread

  • If anyone has seen the The Planet Hulk animated “movie.” There’s a scene early on where you see a pictogram on a rock wall or wall of spaceship wreckage that totally reminded me of the Wasp figures drawn on the walls in Earthcore.

    if the portuh are the waspies, then what are the Rocktapods?

    Okay, I just listend to ep 13 of the audio book. That quick history segment about the Protuh (did i spell that right?) cloud and the violent species within it.

    I’m calling it now, the Portuh are the Wasps.

    Now, on to something more absurd, i know that this may sound hookey rediculious and stupid, but something flashed in my mind for a minute. What if the end of the Rookie series is…wait for it…

    The portuh Wasps have been watching the GFL and have decided that this is the ultimate form of competition in the galaxy. They pick the best team in the system (YOUR Ionath Krakens!!) to have a showdown against an entier team of wasps for the fate of the Galaxy.

    I hadn’t read the Crypt yet, i have been working though the full lenght novels. I just downloaded the tank and first of all, great, second of all, AWESOME those are deffinately the wasps. How many unidentified wasp-like races can there be? Right now I am re-listening to the Crypt and listening to some of the later chapters of earthcore and currently making a Wasp-Like Alien Siglerpedia page

    Its not much but its better then nothing.

    They Collected live food because…they could? There is also a chance the Creterakians hide so well and are so deadly because the Collecters drove them to it for survival.

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    Well, it’s no Sigler Secret that the Wasps have made a second appearance in the Siglerverse other than the Earthcore story. If you don’t know what I mean, check out The Tank, parts 1 and 2:

    The Tank Part 1:

    The Tank Part 2:

    I figure that these bad mamajamas are going to figure in pretty significantly in the upcoming Crypt story, and since they don’t seem to have a presence in the Rookieverse, which is 300 years after The Crypt, we can figure there’s gotta be some pretty interesting developments coming down the pike.


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    Cool thread! I would be fun to get more of a handle on these guys

    I think these guys were the nasties beihind what happend in “the TANK” in the CRYPT epiosode?

    Okay, with every stitch of siglerism I absorb the one part of my junkie lust I fear will go unsatisfied for YEARS (at least until mt. Fitzroy) is the burning mystery of the WASP

    To be more specific, the Wasp like enemy of the Roctopi. So I have started this thread to try and figure out some more information about then and share theories and ideas about just what the hell they could be.

    Why care so much you ask, well think of it, they were raising hell though the galaxy thousands of years before the events of Earthcore, which according to the FDO is the first book in the siglerverse, they are literally the OG’s of the siglerism. Before the Triangles, the Bats, there were the WASP’s man.

    Now keep in mind that WASP is not their official name, that’s just for simplicity because its really all we have to go on.

    Its small, but Roctopi Red is a flavor of drink in GFL time, and while that is probably just the FDO giving us a little wink, it could be thought that whatever the events of Mt.Fitzroy are the Roctopi could be revealed to the world putting their name in the zeitgeist only to come up again when some human marketer in 2638 is trying to name a red sports drink.

    I believe it was theorized that the ancient Roctopi’s plan was to use the primitive earth as a base to regroup and expand to prepare for a counter attack against the WASP’s before everything that happened to them…happened to them.

    If the Wasp’s were around thousands of years age, then where have they been now, the Roctipi were able to last this long though disease and inbreeding in a hole in the ground, surely the Wasp’s would have been able to survive as a species, a species that might not have had punch drive and therefore would be closer to earth then it would need to be in modern GFL time.

    I have 2 theories, that the wasp evolve extremely fast and are now hidden as one of our friendly neighborhood races (as the Leekee or the Quyth if I had to bet, POSSIBLY the creterakians)

    Or that, like the creterakians before them, they are merely biding there time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Contagious forced us to destroy a major city, how much damage and distraction will be caused when the Pandemic hits

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