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The Office: Anti-Junkie TV

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    The movie Office space made me laugh. I worked for a large company In Houston for several years and the traffic scene was right on target. So was alot of the office politics and the policy changes pushed down from the top.

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    very funny, Jim’s pranks on Dwight are hilarious (the best one is when Jim sends him faxes from Future Dwight), Steve Carrell is hilarious. one of the best shows right now.


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    Hellz yeah!  The office is straight up good stuff.  I got hooked on it about the same time I did The Sigler.  Definitely TV worth watching.

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     Keep em under your thumb.  Make sure they remember who’s in charge.

    I like The Office, it’s funny and outragous.   


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    now that the strike is over!

    Need my fill of awkward office humor

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    the office is the most intelligent comedy ever.

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    But don’t really do outright……! That’s why it is hard to watch sometimes. Most of us,not all, but most of us, never really behave that way, but probably would if we didn’t have ethics, morals, common sense and empathy. I swear, there are people I have worked with that were very close to being as selfish and outlandish as Steve’s character. They never had a clue. that’s the point, they did not have a friggen clue.
    Me, on the otherhand, I am perfectly normal and only wear my crown on
    Mondays and Thursdays when the underlings need to see what a good role model I am.

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    my 15 yr old and 12 yr old love it, the 15yrold has bought all the previous series, he records this seasons espisodes because of soccor practice

    my sis in law (fights down the rising bile) loves it as well, reason one for me NOT to like it………….lol

    however, i do agree that the show has its moments, it does seem to strike a chord with people and it isnt for everyone
    but it seems to be driven by a need to mean, dishonest and to get away with anything you can attitude

    but then that is what society wants these days, most of network programming seems to be headed this way. oh well, but that’s me
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    I don’t necessarily disagree.

    I actually tried watching it at first and was totally turned off by it. But after giving it another chance, I found it to be quite interesting…I don’t really find the offensive bits funny — actually they are very hard for me to watch. I feel embarrassed for the character’s ignorance! But the writing is subtle and witty when you boil it all down. The really compelling parts for me involves the storylines that follow the more “normal” characters and how they cope with the insanity around them.

    I honestly think the series has grown immensely and this season above all the previous ones has a darker and somewhat more dramatic feel to it. That being said…it’s definitely not a series for everyone.

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    not sure why it is the hit it is
    innane humor
    bullshit ethics
    being mean is seen as humor
    lying and getting away with it is heroic?
    nope, no thanks
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    I’ve not watched the US version, but I did watch all the UK versions, even the extras where Ricky Gervais takes his David Brent character to do inspirational videos for Microsoft… actual videos…

    There are some of the jokes that are culturally specific, but for the most part, it’s a look into how awful office life is… and that’s sad and funny all at the same time.

    That and no laugh track, clinched it for me.


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    Haha, I just noticed I used WFT in my original rant. That makes no sense, but that is how I feel nonetheless.

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    I must admit though, I do love the Steve Carell, and apparently, so does NBC, considering he makes $175,000 per episode.

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    Totally agree with you about the UK version being superior but also more subtle.

    The US version kills me for the mere fact that Michael Scott is the mess that he is. I just can’t wait to see what offensive thing he’s going to say next! I wonder how many takes they have to do…As an actor, I would never be able to keep a straight face through some of those scenes!

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    Although I am American, thus the brain cells that form at the birth of those born in the UK to understand British comedy haven’t formed all the way. (IE: Monty Python’s Flying Circus + Red Dwarf + Black Adder = AWESOME, but Keeping Up Appearances + Are You Being Served? = WFT?????

    With this in mind, I think I might be too American (too stupid) to fully understand the Office (UK), although unlike most I acknowledge it as being the predecessor and superior to the US version. This being because the American version has to spell lots of things out very bluntly whereas the UK version does it subtley, so us good blue-blooded Americans can’t understand it as well. Case in point, Micheal Scott’s character. Shyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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    The Office WINS.

    Scientific progress goes ‘Boink!’

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    They don’t have any TV like my day job yet. No one wants to watch a camp full of people slowly go mad and swear at each other all the time.

    Wait I was wrong I forgot about Survivor, its all ready been done. Done with more women and in warmer climates too.

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    I recently got hooked on The Office (US version).

    Totally anti-junkie TV…no gore…no violence (non of real consequence to this audience)….no blood. Actually Its more like watching what happens at my day job but much like a train wreck, I just can’t look away!

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