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The Nocturnal Quintin Barnes!!!

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    As a few counterpoints:

    Saviors have advanced healing as well; I think we’ve seen that QB has had some injuries that wouldn’t heal on their own.

    His increased strength would certainly be detected by The Combine. It wouldn’t necessarily be tied to illegal mods, but it would certainly have stood out as a statistical anomaly.As I recall, Bryan jumped off a building with no problem. Those sorts of limits would be pretty easy to see, I would think.

    I always felt the Saviors’ motivations were to keep the Children in check, not that they felt any sort of racial superiority to them. Of course, a lot can happen over 300 years, and it certainly is possible.

    I also don’t think it’s true that he doesn’t know who his parents are; I think he does not know where they are. Of course, nothing is certain regarding whether they are his actual parents, but I thought he did remember that he had parents. It could be, I suppose, that he remembers being raised by parents, and they might not be his birth parents.

    That would be some trick if QB was a descendant. I don’t remember how all that inheritance works with the Z chromosome and if it could survive that many generations.

    That’s an interesting supposition!


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    It could be my mind making connections where there are none. But here is why I suspect Quentin of being a nocturnal or the Great Great Great Great Great Great something of Bryan Clauser.

    When Quentin gets angry he tends to manifest greatly increased strength and speed. This is much like Bryan Clauser not realizing his powers. He uses it unconsciously.

    The screening Process used by the Creterakians at The Combine look for bio-mechanical implants, cybernetics, and preformance enhancing drugs. Any anomalies that he was born with would perhaps, not show up.

    He does not know who his parents are. Some of Marie’s Children mayhap???

    He comes from the Purist Nation. A group of people who left Earth because they hated the “sub-races” so much that they wanted to be free of them. Sounds like something the Saviors might do.

    If Pookie Chang has desendants why not Bryan Clauser.

    There you go. As I said before I have not read The Starter and its been a while since I heard Nocturnal so I could be wrong on all accounts. But then again maybe I’m not…

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    I don’t recall anything that might make that connection.


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    So, is Quintin Barnes a desendant of Nocturnals and/or Bryan Clauser? Seems that he just might be. Have not read The Starter… yet. If this is all common knowledge and I have just failed horribly, say the word and I will commit Seppuku with a sharpened Sound of Music DVD.

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