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the Need For Speed

  • This seems to be popular nowadays. Therefore, I support only if there is a baby found in one of the hoods of one of the cars. OR old, Asain greasers are driving the cars.  Or something of the like.

    "Urban legends go well with parmesan and horror. In fact their name is conveniently one and the same: Stevie."

    "Who is Number One?", "You, are Number Six!", "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

    Yes, zombies have been done….lung eating bacteria would definitely be better!!


    –Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)

    Trying to envision how the FDO would make a street racing book.  I suppose if the cars were racing and they ran over what they thought was a deer then get out and are actually attacked and eaten by ancestors.

    Or maybe, they are working on their race cars the night before a big race and a strange mist rolls in.  And in the mist are zombies that eat the race car drivers.

    Or maybe, …well, I suppose as long as SOMEONE gets eaten in the end, it would qualify for one of Sigler’s masterpieces 🙂


    –Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)

    hey how about a street racing book?

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