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The mystery of the Y chromosome

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    have xx then they do now

    Im a  friend of death, a brother of luck and a son of a bitch!

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    It is possible for a male to be xx. It is is called de la chapelle  syndrome. Also, a female can be XY, this is called Swyer syndrome.

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    then scientific laws must be chagned to fit…

    Yes, I’m a hick, whats your point?

    Western Carolina Catamounts Sports update:

    WCU Womens’ Track and Field came in 2nd in the SOCON championships.

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     look, Scott’s the boss. I mean, world ruler. If he says that dudes have 2 x chromos, then dey Do! end of story.

    shhssh! Scott makes no mistakes!

    Scott’s obedient servant, As always,

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    Ah, I see, it’s just a test from the great Sigler! This is acceptable.

    Speaking of follow-up announcements, I’m grabbing Nocturnal from iTunes as just plain episodes. Is there another version which has chat/comments/intros around it? The first episode I found did, the rest are just straight into the action. 

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  • Quiet and do not mention this again.  A scapegoat for the error has already been found and flogged in a follow up announcement. 
  • Now, repeat after me, Scott does not make errors, his imperfect minions make errors.
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Did my ears decieve me, or did the Siglerissimo say that males had two X chromosomes and females one X and one Y in Noctural episode 5?


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