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The lives of junkies

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    Wow that’s definitely a lot of hard work. I understand that pararescue is one of the hardest coureses that the military offers, but if you want to go special forces or get up higher on the ranks it’s a good direction to start in. I hope you keep up the good work, you have a very important job a head of you, that’s very dangerous, and while some may disagree, a very honorable one to.

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    Airman First Class Miller of the Civil Air Patrol. Finishing up senior year now, followed a summer full of (if I pass the review boards) Pararescue orientation course, Hawk Mountain Ranger Training, as well as Blue Beret Security Task Force Training. haha out of the entire time Ill be doing this all be traveling from one end of the US to the other. Time differential is going to be a mother lol

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    Hey everybody, there are so many different junkies on this site that I figured I could learn more about what kind of people sign up on this web site, so to help me I would like to know what kind of job you have at the moment or want to have, and what it’s like. As for me, I will be enlisting in the army after I finish highschool which is in 2 years.

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