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The latest Maylene & The Sons of Disaster record

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    I’m f-ing crazy for this band. I discovered them because they opened for Lacuna Coil in San Francisco (yes, the Lacuna Coil that does the theme music for the GFL books).

    Maylene is part Souther Rock, part backwoods “you got a real purty mouth, boy” balls-out screamitude, and part “swamp-rock.” Their song “Step Up (I’m On It)” is the most-played track in the FDØ’s itunes, at 231 plays. That’s a lot of plays. If Charlie Mansion had a rock band, it would sound like this.

    I’ve been mainlining Maylene’s new record, IV. Their record are named simply, I, II, III and now IV. This album sounds much more produced
    Fuck my face with a thousand toothpicks, there are some gems on this bad boy.
    • Come For You (kind of a backwoods power ballad)
    • In Dead We Dream (face-ripping riff-rawk)
    • Never Enough (part polished melodies, part destroy your nuts guitar)
    • Open Your Eyes (slow-jammy epicosity)
    The “Open Your Eyes” video is embedded below. It’s got Danny Trejo in it. That makes it awesome before a single note is played. The notes that are played, however, are also awesome.

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