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the king

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    we get a new episode of Nocturnal soon.  I’m starting to have dry heaves!!!!!  I know Sigler, I know!!!  Yesterday was the start of football season and there are two games tonight.  Ok, I’ll give you that and cut you some slack but very little slack.  And yes, those statements are all in jest – but not really! 

    "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

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    i resent that racism is horrible but blk babies are way cooler….lol

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    I think the Nocturnals can sense at least something about Bry Bry. If I remember correctly, “Marco’s eyes widened when he looked at Bryan”. It’s been a long time since I listened, but I think it happened both times they met. Other than that, I don’t think he has been around many Nocturnals – Other than the hospital fight????

    I also remember part of the Zed chromosome missing in Bryan’s DNA.

    I don’t think Hillary is a Queen and she talks about others being able to smell (or tell – particularly first born) the difference in the potential king babies.

    Of course there is the previous king history that we don’t know (unless it was in the last episode, I just got it downloaded. Darn dial-up and too many podcasts).

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    I think they prefer african american, even if they are mutated…things.


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    anyone think that mabe the saviors are thease children hillary’s been helpin only they didn’t want to be in the family or the mutation in bryians zed chrromosome gives some sort of i dont no savior trate or mabee they dont pass on the zed or mabee….breathing…….it codes for a person who can breed with marie , making a new queen.

    I play my Polkadot jets against your Plaid tanks!

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    well bry bry gets the exact same feeling in his chest when he is around other nocturnals.  including savior.  this must mean that marco gastanou also got the feeling when he was around bry bry before he got shot by savior.  i wonder what he was thinking right before he got shot. "who ever is out there is one of us, so i must be safe"

    cant wait for the next episodes for all the questions to be answered.

    CANT WAIT FOR THE SEQUAL!!!  what are you going to name the next book?

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    that all the Nocturnals with good sniffers all had colds that month… They were all buggery.

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    i get that the saviors and kings arent a separate race so does that mean that its the path that makes them different? is every king a potential savior? and yeah i understand that hilary would have to be a guy to be king but could there be a queen? and does this mean that erikson has a zed chromosome and is out to kill his mama? thats wickedly twisted :DD

    oh dude what would happen if like one of marie’s children did the grooms’ walk? you’d get some messed up little fuckers out of a pairing like that. they would be deformed and retarded and stuff – a rather nice new trophy for savior’s collection.

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    but the saviors can sense Marie’s children even when they look like normal humans.  So, they must have some sort of extrodinary ability.  Either that or someone is telling them who Marie’s children are.  Savior knew Bry Bry immediately!!!!!

    "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

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    1) Rex’s broken arm healed very quickly, and he just got shot in Episode #30, so you haven’t seen that yet

    2) You haven’t seen Rex exhibit strength yet. He’s also much younger than the others.

    3) Saviors aren’t a "race," they are people that kill Marie’s Children. All will be made clear soon …

    4) Hillary is one of Marie’s Children, yes. 

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    Hillary can’t be a King because according to the Punnet square the Kings are XYZ.  Hillary could potentially be a queen if she is a ZZX which is likely since she has the ability to smell that a normal human female wouldn’t.  Still not sure yet what separates a savior from a king. 

    "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

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    I’m fairly sure that when they looked at Bry Bry’s DNA, there was a section of the Zed chromosome missing!?!?!?  I’ll have to go back and relisten.  Maybe that’s why the nocturnals can’t sense Bry Bry.  Although savior could.

    "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

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    Maybe the king has different ablilities or who knows? All the Nocturnals have different ablilities and physical characteristics. I’ve noticed that while Bry Bry can sense/feel the Nocturnals they dont seem to sense him? It maybe one of the differences in being a Savior.  As for Hilary being King, I think from the title of "King" you would have to be a male.

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    … so rex is the king and the little black kid is a potential king… and brian is the new savior. how come rex was sniffed out as king but not brian who has all the strength of a nocturnal — and speaking of which how come rex hasnt shown the same strength and uncanny ability to  heal quickly?? i guess my real question is what separates the saviors from the kings? or are they the same? and also was hilary one of Mommy’s children? because if she is a human child doesnt that mean she too would be a candidate for king?   

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