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The Ki

  • thanks for the clear up. i probably should have looked through the siglerpedia or read the crypt brfore posting. I went to the page for the ki but it didnt say anything about the history. it would make sense that the ki would be used as muscle, and then rebel. these collectors sound really full of themselves. i mean, who makes something that can evolve past any falesafe they could create, and then hires an army that will eventually want to eat them if they dont give them something else to murder. but I can still see part of pandemic being a ki representative on earth. It would be immune to crawler vectors because the readers are designed to process human DNA. Its interactions with humans not infected and how it dealt with the threat to ki the infected humans posed would be cool to explore.

    At the back of the book there is a timeline. It explains that an advanced race called “The Collectors” actually sent the orbital out, the Ki were just another race they’d conquered & used as soldiers. In 2009 the Ki revolt against The Collectors and defeat them. The Ki abandon all technology and a kind of dark age began that lasted for several hundred years. That’s why the Ki aren’t wicked-advanced with tech in the Crypt universe. They actually didn’t even figure out FTL on their own, another race called “The Givers” gave the Ki the tech. Apparently the Ki re-payed the kindness by eating The Givers for dinner.

    **Just direct-a your feetza to Daddy Greene’s Pizza!**

    What was your inspiration for ki making and using an orbital for galactic conquest? last time I checked they were not the smartest fish in the barrel, and creating a living machine with that can infect intelligent hosts AND alter its own genetic makeup is unlikely. add to that having them create a falesafe in case an orbital haywires and starts infecting the warrior Ki and youve got a problem that even the quith leaders couldnt solve. it too bad you chalked the ending of the Ki empire up to economic deficits, could have done a Frankenstein 360. Humans and Ki versus the infected would have been awesome for pandemic, seeing how a 1000 pound Ki would have been the only force that would even compare to scarry Perry Dawson.

    Hoping for a nice clean explination of Ki tech (maybe extinction of intelligent form of ki?) in Pandemic,


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