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The glasshouse song from Ancestor

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     wernt ac/dc aussies

    Im a  friend of death, a brother of luck and a son of a bitch!

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    its just rare for them to be popular in the USA for a while.

    The Irishman from Ohio

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    Who knew aussies could rock so hard!?

    "So do you guys have Battletoads..?"

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    I’m wondering about that too which song he uses there, really like the song he uses but can’t find it.


    I found out ( thank you iTunes! ) which song he uses.

    Glasshouse – Under my skin ( or something like that, I’m going to edit again when I get back from work )

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    I realy like the song that plays at the end of Ancestor.

    Scott credits teh band as glasshouse and gives a website for them, but when you load up the site you just get something about casinos.

    does anyone know where i can get the full song??

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