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The Freak

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    The Freak is tough, one look at his carapace confirms that. I don’t think he’ll ever earn acceptance from the other warriors but depending on how several things go, I can see him earning a grudging respect. It seems the nature of his mutation could go some way to winning games by screwing up the other team (rather like at the end of The Rookie when The Krakens Defense stood there and went WTF?) and they all want to win games. Of course, that’s only if he doesn’t get killed off at some point.

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    I’m torn. In one hand, I like the freak and respect him for his hard work and not letting his other teammates get him down. In the other hand, if he was to gain the respect of his teammates and what not it might me too disney-movie-overcome-great-odds-ish and I wouldn’t mind seeing something not go as the audience wants it to go. I can see him getting killed off the field by other Quith warriors and no one owns up to it.

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    The “Freak” is a abomination to his race.

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    I cant wait to see the freak tear up some prawat

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    I’m roooting for The Freak

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    Well so far on episode 12 I starting to like The Freak more with his actions in that episode.

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    i just listen to episode number 12 and it looks like “The Freak” has his work cut out for him. So far he has respect from Q of course and now John. And man that was a hard late hit but. We will see if “The Freak” stays or goes. I hope he stays I like him. Not just cause of his strength and will to keep playing but how he has the never say quit mentality.

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    Again, its nice to see the Theme of the novels come up again- and to point out that racism isn’t just a Human thing either.

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    It will be fun to see what y’all think as the season progresses.

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    I think The Freak will have a hard time until he proves himself. It will take Q forcing him down the throats of the others until then. Q may be short sighted at times, but it is the job of a quarter back to lead the team. He will need to get them to work together by the force of his personality.

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    Based on what we know so far (for those who don’t have or haven’t read the hardcover yet at least lol), I have to say this is more Q short-sightedness. Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore Q, I really do. But he has a tendency to not see much farther than the ed of his nose sometimes. And I think it was very foolish of him to not at least think about potential repercussions based on the way the species interact within themselves. I think based on the reaction of the team so far, Q is going to have a really hard time bringing the team together on this one.

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    I have a questions for everyone. How well will “the Freak” do with the team? Well for me i always like the ones who have to work hard to get where they are. So I think he will do Great and earn the respect he needs and deserves. What do you all think.

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