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The First Annual Galactic Siglympics

  •  That’s the exact same thought I had Tongue out

    Still, it’s an interesting musing on the possibilities for future Rookie events.  That would be cool to see a Rookie Universe olympics fleshed out in on of Sigler’s future works. 

    ~~~ mwhuahahahahaha … so it’s, you know, coming along ~~~~~~~

     they seem to be at home in the water

    sir your bleeding i don’t have time to bleed do you have time to duck?

    wow, that turned into a wall of text…

    If, in the interest of galactic harmony and peace between the races the Creterakians held a massive Siglympics what races do you think would dominate which events ?

    Track – no question, the Sklorno would dominate. I dont doubt they could run faster backwards then Usain Bolt could run forwards while roided up and on speed. I forget how fast they were stated as running in The Rookies but can anyone translate that into 100 meters time. I have no idea how they would fair in the longer distances as sprinting prowess doesnt translate into endurance running.

    Field – Various. Sklorno would dominate high jump and long jump, as well as the triple jump. As for shotput, discus and hammer, i dont think the superior strength of the Ki would help them beat high G humans as Ki seem to me not to have the body type that would allow them to generate the centrifical motion needed to throw the device great distances. As for javelin i think good ol humans may have that one with the balance of strength and agility, same goes for pole vault.

    Swimming – Humans, the rest seem ill equipt aerodynamically. Quyth have the arm span on a human baby, Ki seem like they would sink (though they do like water) Sklorno may be ok at it but it would be all leg power.

    Weightlifting – hahahhhahahaha any fucking question. KI god dammit. Low center of gravity, tree trunk lower body and insane upper body strength. What do they bench 1200 pounds? imagine what they would snatch let alone clean and jerk. The real question is can a bar be engineered to support that much weight.

    Basketball – I know the sklorno can catch a footy but are them tendrils any good at dribbling a basketball? im not sure they could get much uniformity on their shots. I really dont know i think this would be a good mixture of the races.

    Soccer – Sklorno, from he man himself.

    Equestrian – Quyth leaders would use their perpensity for leadership to dominate the will of the horse, and look mighty funny while doing it. Cute little sadistic bastards. I dont think they would be competeing in any events though, just fixing events from he background and making money.

    There are plenty of events what do you guy think would suit what sport.

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