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The FDO as president!

Grey Wolf

President: General Siglerisimo

Vice President: General Siglerisimo

Secretary of State: General Siglerisimo

Secretary of the Treasury: General Siglerisimo

Secretary of the  Defence: General Siglerisimo

I think you get the picture…

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I really like Sonny McGuinnes as the Secretary of the Interior… ¬†

 Chuckles "HAS" to be the Attoryney General

I also like Sly for Secretary of State – Sneaky bastard that one.

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This would get things done for the states!

Presidential Cabinet for America 2012

  • President: General Siglerisimo
  • Vice President: Quentin Barnes
  • Secretary of State: Sly
  • Secretary of the Treasury: Barbara Yakely
  • Secretary of Defense: Kissyman
  • Attorney General: Chuckles Mulrooney
  • Secretary of the Interior: Sonny McGuiness
  • Secretary of Agriculture: Clayton Detweiler
  • Secretary of Commerce: Gredock the Splithead
  • Secretary of Labor: Murray Longworth
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services: Doc
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Snipes
  • Secretary of Transportation: Sara Purinam
  • Secretary of Energy: John “The Black Mr. Burns” Smith
  • Secretary of Education: Dr. Stone Mason
  • Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs: Francis Parkmeyer
  • Secretary of Homeland Security: The Magnificent Seven
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