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The favourite place to read Sigler Books?

  • I read them at work on breaks..l.  That’s because I keep the book at my office where they’re a nice conversational piece.  The audio – Anyplace I can get away with it!  You name it!

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    he listens to the audio just like you do………………

    • Numbers are the keys that unlock the universe…

     You read while your driving.  Let me know when your gonna be out driving, I’ll make sure I stay home. Wink


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

     I read every night before going to bed


    • These gathering hosts of loyal junkies, under the command of the great SCOTT

    Listen: In bed at night, so that the violence fills my dreams 😀
    Read: At school, in clear sight, so that the teachers are afraid to give me an “F”

    Yup…love getting my fix in the car, especially during long drives. I have actually missed exits on the interstate because I was so engrossed…or maybe just grossed!

    I can only read my works of sigler when I’m on the can, because it scares the crap out of me!
    (I’m sorry I couldn’t help my self.)

    I read them in bed.

    The best place to listen/read Sigler stuff is at home. With a good meal. And a good ale or red wine.

    I have not picked up any of the print copies of the books yet, but when I do I will likely read them in bed like I do most of my reading.

    As for listening, I listen to him at work, since I have my shop mostly to my self I plug the ipod in to a dock and crank up Siggy. Some peope who stop by the shop as Sigler is playing worry about the stability of my mental state. So far I have not converted any one, but the idea of podcast novels are new to the middle of nowhere. Give me enough time and the whole of arctic Canada will be part of siglers army, all 50,000 people out here.

    Scott rides along with me in my truck as I go to and from work each day.

    Read: The same place i read all books, bed.
    Listen: Going or coming home from school. I wonder what the people next to me on the bus must think, what with all the cringing i must be doing.

    in the van on the way to work or at night as im trying to fall asleep.

    ~Do You Know How Many Birthdays There Are In a Year?…….Hundreads….Litearly..Hundreads,~

    I love reading Scott at night in various houses around my neighbourhood with only candle light to help me see the pages…..and the blood stained walls.

    Was that too much info?

    | usually listen on the commute

    Mostly listened during my commute via bus, had enough time most days to listen to Scott as well as JC (Blasphemy)
    Vampires versus Werewolves in a browser based game

    Scott, along with JC Hutchins (blasphemy), Mark Jeffrey and various other audiobooks ripped from the library onto the old ZVM have gotten me through maaaaaaaany a long hour at work, as well as rough drives and a nice bedtime story! Sigler, you are one bad multipurpose bastard!

    Late at night in my comfy recliner with a nice glass of rum.

    I use to listen to Infection/Infected at my internship. Whenever something nasty or disgusting happens I would run over to my co-workers cube to tell him all about it. By the end of the month, I think I grossed him out more than anything. I then tried to get my mom to read Ancestor… big mistake. Never realized she was one of those silly romance lovers.

    I think I scared her a little. My dad told me she regretted not buying me the Wii instead.

    I now listen to Bloodcast on my way to classes.

    Go Badgers!

    ….I love fluffy bunnies


    I read them when ever my pusher reads them over skype to me. Usually at night.

    I listen to the podcasts (when they come down the tubes) at work (mind-numbing typing gets interesting with Scott in your ear) But I read the actual physical book in the same place all the best ideas come from…

    .. I’ll just leave it to your imagination…

    “If it has ram. I can Crash it”

    I have to admit that I have crossed the street with my nose glued firmly in Ancestor, but hey I lived to continue reading. What more can you ask for? If I have a backup of Sigler to listen to I’m usually listening 24/7 (which obviously doesn’t work now that I’ve caught up) during class, meals, conversations, workstudy (haven’t lost a finger yet and hey it’s just a finger), and on my many no car…might as well walk…trips. Though my favorite place to read would have to be under an umbrella chilling somewhere random on a rainy day (preferably while skipping a powerpoint based chemistry class).

    I mainline my podiobooks whilst commuting back and forth to my dreadful day job. It keeps me distracted so I don’t unleash my road rage on other drivers 🙂

    “Your tears are a waste of good suffering” ~ Pinhead

    I got my two books a couple of weeks after Ancestor was released (wasn’t hassled much by Amazon, either), and I actually sat out on my deck in the early evening, book in one hand and beer after beer in another.

    It was quite possibly the best reading experience I’ve ever had…though I went through waaaaaay too much beer. 😛

    I’m still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my print copies, but I did the majority of my listening either on long drives, or late at night with all the lights out. Doing that with Ancestor made me jump more than once when my own dog scratched at the back door.

    The ways of the Lord are often dark but never pleasant.

    Do you want to read the book in the safe light of day, or are you daring enough to read in the dark, surrounded by trees waving in the moonlight, rocktopi under the bed, and Ancestors scratching at your window?

    I’m an in the dark guy. It helps heighten the sense of fear. Besides, I read my Sigler works on a Palm in eBook format, so I CAN read in the dark.

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