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The Fan (a few questions) *updated*

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    Just bumped this up because of the update.

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    Ok so I have a few things I want to get opinions on:

    1.  What do you all think about the current "rough draft" on the forum and "Polished" on Chop Shop format?  Should I keep working it this way, or would ya’ll rather just get the audio form?  For right now I will not be posting the rough drafts anymore.  I want the content that Mae and Scott work on so graciously for me to be as "fresh" as possible.

    2.  I sent in parts 3-5 recently to Mae for her and scott to work their magic on, but I did not send in the Podwars Excerpt.  I wrote that as an "aside" to the story, but if ya’ll think it will be a good idea to send it on to her I will.

    3.  What needs improvement?  The responses from everyone have been overwhelmingly positive, but this being my first writing project I know I’m screwing some things up.  Please let me know so I can make this thing worthy of the Siglerverse.

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