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The F.D.O. and Dogs

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    That in the Dark Future, our Overlord will likely reserve an elevated spot in society for dogs, hopefully far above other miserable wretches of human spill who are far less deserving.


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    I’ve only ever had two dogs in my life so far with guinea pigs and a cat in between. We got our first dog when I was 5, which upon his arrival to our house I proudly said his name would be Zorro. He was a lovable half lab, half german shepard mutt that we had for ten years. One day, he just up and ran away. My dad, brother and I drove all around looking for him and never found him. I was devestated, and the only pets I had left were my guinea pigs. When they died 3 years later, we got a cat we named Mocha, but we ended up giving her away 6 months when cat dander started affecting my dad’s breathing. I pretty much thought we would never have another pet, and then in May of last year, we adopted a one year old Husky mutt named Miller. He’s a big baby and a bit of a spoiled brat now, but we love him to bits 🙂

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    and I must say that I thought that someone had gone a step too far and amalgamated the two titles into a promise of FDO treats for guys!

    Now everytime I see it I’m thinking it says “The FDOand Dongs” too!!!


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    I hate seeing animals die – period, but I think if the dog had died fighting the other dogs, I wouldn’t have felt so bad cuz she died protecting her owner. But the fact that he had to kill her…. broke me down like a 3 year old little girl who just lost her favorite dolly!!!!!!


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    My dog lives on the front seat of my van when I’m going anywhere too (except in the summer when I don’t want to fry her until I can afford independent air con that runs when the car doesn’t). My mrs used to be mortally afraid of dogs until my little bald whimpet lurcher came along. She was in an awful state an was totally bald and covered in sores (looked like the zombie dogs from resident evil) one of my colleagues found her tied up in the woods abandoned and the case vet thought that it would be best to euthanise as she would be a walking vet bill for the rest of her life. She has cost me a fortune but she’s awesome and leaves all the other dogs standing when she runs. Don’t think I could cope if anything happened to her.

    Is Emma the same Emma that features in Nocturnal? can someone clarify is the nocturnal Emma a German short-haired pointer or a dalmation cross. the podcast refers to her as both. Did this change halfway through the cast due to some anti german agenda or just a continuity cockup? I think Scott’s Emma is an English pointer isn’t she?

    but have only ever watched it the once because of the dog scene… I can’t imagine anything worse than having to kill your own dog; even worse when it’s your only companion left in a world post zombie apocalypse.

    I may not have found that post otherwise. That basically covered all of the questions I asked. I just heard Mookie’s name mentioned somewhere and I’d been meaning to ask. I was saddened to learn that she passed on nearly two years ago. I know this is very late in coming, but I’d still like to pass on best wishes to Mookie’s Mom and Dad; The F.D.O and The Evil Queen.

    Compare ‘I am Legend” against another will smith movie “Independance Day.” In ID4, you know you cheered when the dog just Missed dying by jumping through the door to miss the fireball; In I am legend the dog dies and the movie is sad.

    I Am Legend?


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    Now we have a pack of them, the 2 boys (Stewie and Walter) are in my pic. There is nothing like a beagle pack to keep you warm in the winter! And now that its spring they don’t even want to come in the house.

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    NEVER kill the dog. Humans can die Jin wholesale slaughter but the dog must always survive for the story to be popular. Yes you do have classics like where the ren fern grows and Old Yeller but you’d be amazed at how few people will watch/read those stories because it is too sad.

    yes we went with 4 legged children to. i used to work with a guy that trained attack dogs. now the German shepherd he had as a pet was trained to go after what it thought was the biggest threat. like say there are 4 guys and one has a gun in his back pocket. the dog will go for him first. and you can forget about sneaking up on this guy when his dog is around .the dog knows like 50 different commands in 4 or 5 languages. I’m thinking 2men 3 arms 2 dogs and lots of mayhem and food for lefty 🙂

    Man, I have been working with sled dogs for a while and they are the fuzzy center of my world. Like all good mushers my dogs eat, drink, and rest befor I do, no matter what! I have spent so much of my time working in the dog yard listening to the F.D.O. while cleaning up poop. It’s cool to hear dogs pop up in the stories. In Earthcore, when the roctopi are described as smelling like dog poop, I laugh and say “What smell?”. Hey F.D.O, keep up with the dogs! They embody many qualities humans should aspire to. Perhaps Kissyman has some personal change to be inspired by his relationship with Hank Wiliams? And what about Lefty and Peggy Lee?

    I’ve noticed many mentions of dogs in the FDO’s stories, most recently Hank Williams from Kissyman and the Gentlemen. My wife and I are “dog ” people. We elected to have children of the four legged variety instead of the traditional two. We have a soft spot for Beagles. We had up to six but lost two in recent years to cancer. They’re the best and I would do anything for them.

    So. F.D.O. : Have dogs alway been a big part of you life?

    What is Mookie’s breed?

    Any Pictures?

    Just curious.

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