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The Detective – GFL Series

  • Thanks everyone for the information. I myet have read false reports that concerned me. I thought I heard the eBook wouldn’t be available until 2013 unless I went to the tour.

    Patience is a virtue that I don’t possess. However now that arealgirl explained when it’s due, I have something to look forward too

    ratman19: Patience my friend. Good things come to those who wait… and this little piece of awesome will be coming relatively soon to an eBook/ePub retailer near you (plus via the store here).

    THE DETECTIVE isn’t yet out. Should be soon, and you’ll be able to buy it here, or iTunes, or Amazon. Look for it in early October.

    If there is a Freddie Mercury story I mean Federico Esteban story I would really love to be able to get it. Cause wile I would love to come out to your MVP book tour. I have a small problem of there being a little water in the way being in Australia and all that jazz.

    I’m sure that once it is released that it will also go up for sale. I think that giving it to those that go to the book stops is their way of saying thank you for coming out.

    So far I have read Earthcore, Infected, Contagious, Ancestor, The Rookie, The Starter, The All-Pro, The MVP and The Reporter. I have also listened to The Crypt and Title Fight. I plan to read Nocturnal soon but not sure if it interests me like the others.

    Being a huge fan of Scott Sigler’s work, I have become a fanatic of the GFL Series and everything in the Siglerverse. I hear there is a new novella called “The Detective” which is centered around Federico Esteban and his quest to find Quentin Barnes family. I WANT IT! Unfortunately I am told it is currently only available for free to those who made Scott’s MVP tour and being as I live in NE New Hampshire and am poor, I didn’t have the means to make a trip to NYC.
    It is my hope that others will add to this thread showing their desire to purchase this novella as well. Hopefully, Scott and his team will see how many junkies would be willing to pay for this novella that they will add it to their online store for purchase. Either that or I am sent an e-mail with the novella for free (for being such a devoted fan of course lol).
    Any information regarding The Detective and how I can get my hands on it would be very much appreciated.

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