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The death of Barnes

  • Being captured and tortured is VERY possible.

    ……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000…..NOCTURNAL (Rewrite) Byron Metz (as “Baldwin Metz,” medical examiner for San Francisco police)

    Combat Cook

    Combat Cook

    Entropic rifle shot to the left hand so he has to cut off his left arm. Remind you of a very secessful luxury yacht company owner we all know from the Purist Nation.

    I have to think that Mr. Barnes will not “die”. Sure, the FDO has killed people off for blinking at the wrong time, but I think if anything bad happens to Quentin (and im sure something will Innocent) it will be worse than death. Death is sort of easy. Having him being captured, tortured, losing all hope, etc could be just as “effective” (how ever you want to look at that term)

    “Come follow me! Space Admiral DeRose. I am totally not a rogue pilot that commands the resistance’s naval forces.”

    But Wash? YOU SONOFABITCH!!!

    The big difference between Joss and the FDO is that Joss randomly kills people off for the shock value. Almost as if to say “I’m not writing bubblegum fiction” but when the FDO kills someone it makes perfect sense to the story. Scott will kill characters off without fear, knowing he will be able to continue with the story, Joss kills without thought and often without setup.

    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night


    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    I worry that someone is gonna share spoilers! And so far I like him so please don’t kill him … well … at least until I catch up :o)

    …..if he doesn’t he will become critically injured one of these games and end up with a throwback jersey. You know what, he’s only human and all he needs is one bad play then he’s Finished!

    ……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000

    …the entire story is about Quentin, it wouldn’t make sense to have him die because there would be no story

    Krakens kick major ass!

    After winning his first ever Galaxy Bowl championship at some bar killed by Gloria Ogawa thereby sending the Krakens back into tier 2 yet again.

    All i have to say is EarthCore if you ain’t listened to it yet or read the paperback then you need to that book alone shows you just why no one is safe…no one

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    taken some of the same writing classes. No chaaracter is safe from fatality.
    Ve veri veniversum vivus vici (idea’s cannot be killed)

    but then that all part of the thrill!
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    that would suck big time. ive grown rather attached to barnes….so i hope he stays alive….oh and unlce johnny too

    went to the same writing class. They both seem to enjoy killing main characters.
    Ve veri veniversum vivus vici (idea’s cannot be killed)

    …That he’ll die winning the galaxy bowl but that was the end of tital fight.

    yes, even Quentin Barnes. I think he will likely be safe until the series starts winding down, then who knows. And one thing to remember, what better way to seal the QB legend in the GFL universe than to have the legend die in his last battle? That is an epic ending.

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    Clearly I was not paying attention.
    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    I think he’s well and trul proved that even the “franchise” characters aren’t safe.

    I think Barnes is safe the next book or so (unless he doesn’t run the plays that are called…ooh, that would be an awesome/horrible thing to lead his death), but with the mass of characters available, I think the GFL could survive without one orphan from Micovi. >_>

    … that he would never dream of killing off QB (or something along those lines). However, I’m going to overlook that which came from the mouth of The FDØ for a moment…

    There are contenders to bear the torch of lead character in the coming of age football saga – *ahmm* Becca The Wrecker *ahmm*

    will have a long and somewhat Healthy career, that is until book 7, after that all bets are off!!

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    But the FDØ is merciless in his scheming. It’s just like him to endear you to a character, then have their heart ripped out and held in front of you just to remind you that he runs the universe.


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    Ok so here’s a quick one, we all know that a major feature (and for me a major draw) of the FDO’s novels is that all the characters are up for death, you don’t really know who’s going to make it out the other end alive. It occurs to me that the GFL series is, so far, about the legend Quentin Barnes. Is it just possible that he is the only ‘safe’ character in the FDO’s universe? I kind of hope so because I honestly say I will weep when he appears in the deaths column (I’ve really connected with the struggles of his character).

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