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The Crypt Page errors

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    I am #2, all others are #3 or lower!

    Fear me!

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    {snickers} Tongue out


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    You just think you are.



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    Sorry, you’re not cleared for that.

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    So does that mean when I am higher up in the world of the Sig, then I will have clearance to know what they mean?

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    A secret code and if you don’t know what it means, your not high enough in the cult hierarchy for the relevant clearance.

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    you call them flaws I call them mysteries, or challages if you will.

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    Scott decided he wanted to play “Mr. Fancypants” with the tagging on the early CRYPT episodes. This made things messy/difficult for some folks. Occassionally, Scooter can be kind of a tech tard. He’s well aware of it 😉 That’s why he leaves a few of us lowly plebes scampering around. He knows that he can’t do everything.

    But the tags did have to get cleaned up to make them universally playable across all MP3 players. So when THE CRYPT BOOK 01: THE CREW hits January 25th, this “problem” will not exist anymore.



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    Well, maybe not Nocturnal part, but other than that – it has been done this way intentionally.

    If you are catching up on The Crypt try downloading this big chunk: – I have made this some weeks ago so only episodes up to Episode 12 are in that archive. It’s neatly tagged and renamed so its easier to follow in the the correct chronological order.


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    The Crypt page has some problems. Very strange Titles for episodes like

    ?1puvjk and error3 reconstruct :|::|:

    And The Crypt #3 has a file name with nocturnal in it, but it is Crypt audio

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