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The Crypt guests….wow!

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    twist of events! 

    “I can’t tell if that’s funny or really scary.”

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    Is Phil Rossi gonna be a guest?

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    Will have to relisten to all the content so far when the full book drops.

     There had better be a movie in the works . . .






    From there to here

    From here to there

    Funny things

    Are everywhere!


                — Theodor K. Geisl (1904 – 1991) 

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    Will Wheaton’s blog is hysterical and insightful.
    Tastes Like Chicken

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    So long ago. Ensign Crusher. 

    “I can’t tell if that’s funny or really scary.”

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    a while ago. Good episode though. Will Wheaton would be great. I was told after I saw him on Arena that he was on star trek.


    "Why didn’t you stay in the car?"

    "It’s never safe in the car!"

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    WOW, Michael Stackpole!!!! Jonathan Mayberry!!!! (seriously his books are great, and the fights make sense, not just "he throws them") And Will Wheaton??? 😀 Wesley Crusher fans unite!!! What else does the most hated Star Trek Character of all time have to do anyway….speaking of which, I just saw him on an episode of Outer Limits today on Sci-Fi.

    The Crypt is just getting better and better….nice work on lining up all these great talents!!

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