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The Crypt – Dead Pool?

  • Or we can simply let the weakest die off and fashion their skins into coats.  With the cost of fabric these days, we must be thrifty.

    But I’m still trying to catch up on episodes, so this may have already happened o.O

    So each week we come to this page and we all take a stab at who’s going to die next?  Does that work? 

    Or are we doing this NCAA basketball style and doing a bracket?  Like:

    1st Round: Yoland Smith

    2nd Round: Captin Ellis


    Overall Winner: Pippa Remic (saved by PVT Mark Bennet)

    BONUS: Most Grusome Death: BW Crites.  That dude is going to get it hard, just because his character is so awesome.

    Undead Champion, HM and Pusher …. Start Cracking with Crack!

    No power in the Verse can stop me.

    ~~There are many types of heros, I am one who just happens to eat brains~`

    • King Of UNdead for Sigler

    Someone hook this fuckery right up. This is a great idea.

    So you may have to go back, true. However, I started work on THE CRYPT series bible yesterday. So very soon, I will have most of the story mapped out and will begin work on the "real" podcast episodes of the P.U.V. James Keeling.

    I already dread killing these characters, but dammit, someone’s got to bring the ax to the woodshed or we all freeze to death. 

    Same here man!

    Mark "The Mangler" Wheeler

    #1 Contender for the heavyweight title.

    ~~There are many types of heros, I am one who just happens to eat brains~`

    • King Of UNdead for Sigler

    Am the only one who thinks this story is taking too long, i have to go back each eposode to remember what has happened…

    "Who is Number One?", "You, are Number Six!", "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

    I was wondering if Scott would just Kill her for no reason, maybe a stray shot or maybe an accidental airlock release.

    I see your point, that the set-up is going in that direction.


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    Was listening to the Private Pippa Remic back story and it occurred to me that this chick is either going to be the first one to die.  Or, she will get all the way to the end and sacrifice herself in some heroic fashion because she can think of no finer way to leave the universe. Either way, the death wish is the whole point behind her character.

    So this got me thinking that a dead pool would be a cool contest for this book.  

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