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The Crypt: Book II Questions & Suggestions

  • Hello.

    I was recently thinking to myself, what are those Copper Colored Sticks that appear in book one? In book two, if possible, I would appreciate it if I heard more about the Copper Colored Sticks. Where did they come from? Will the Copper Colored Sticks make a second appearance in book two? What are they? (besides Copper Colored Sticks) and whatever other background information there is on that anomaly know as the Copper Colored Sticks.

    I would also appreciate it if there was more information available about the Wasps in book two. Why were the Rocktopi so frighten of The Wasps? Why didn’t they ever come to earth looking for The Rocktopi? Will the Wasps even make a second appearance in book two? I just noticed some of these Wasps questions also relate to Earthcore and could’ve been posted in a Earthcore forum, sorry.

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