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The Crypt as a TV show

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    Some stories don’t transpose well to screen.

    I think ‘The Crypt’ should stay in the minds of every reader and listener. 

    you’re saying there will be no banging of green chicks in this universe?


    the trick to staying sane is to just out-crazy the world

    Yes, Scott has said repeatedly that it is his ultimate goal to get this incredible story into a series.  He’s creating his own signature universe…he’s the sick twisted doppleganger of Gene Roddenberry (cause The Crypt universe is certainly as far opposite Star Trek as you can get!)  In my opinion if it were to be a series it should be on HBO or Showtime.  Yes, this means only those people that can afford the premium movie channels can see it, but TV to DVD is happening alot faster these days, and HBO has a good track record with graphic series..and wouldn’t have to tone it down.  It would be an incredible coup for the FDO, for sure!

    Hmmm that may not be the case. Some shows these days are getting riskier. Though, the gore would have to be turned down naturally. And the special effects for the alien races will not be very good, as we saw with the Cylons in BSG. However most of these shows have great graphics with the space combat. And if I’m not mistaken, the original intention of the Crypt was to be used as a pitch for a tv series.

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    Stargate Universe. and with BBC’s Primeval, their set. At least there not poluting the airwaves with galactica anymore.  The Crypt needs to stay as it is, if made into a TV show, they would have to make it Policitly Correct, and that would fucking suck.

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    Scott, you wonderfully sick bastard. I am a relativly new junkie, but junkie I am. I just picked up Contagious at Barnes and Noble (Which I had to special order by the way) and have placed my order for The Rookie last Saturday! I am finally caught up on all the Podcasts and am lovin every minute of what I hear. I have really enjoyed the character profiles for the Crypt and look forward to more. I recall hearing about a possible TV show based on the Crypt. Any luck with that? Have you pitched the idea to the Sci-fi channel? They are in some serious need of a new "original" show now that Battlestar Galactica is done.

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