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The crypt 2

  • I can’t wait to see how all these characters move forward!

    Lovin’ the Bones are White podacast!

    I wouldn’t say waiting, maybe jonesin’ like nothing before; twitching in a tiny ball on the floor waiting for another hit of this awesomeness would be a better way to put this.

    Sooo waiting for this!

    Thank you for giving us a heads up. I Do miss the stories based on this side of the universe.

    Thanks for acknowledging the plan at least. I heard you loud and clear…..we should expect the book released no later that 2015. 😉

    Sad to hear it is not scheduled yet as The Crypt is clearly the best story Scott has written so far. At least for me it is.

    On the other hand I wouldn’t want Scott to rush with it or squeeze it into his schedule as I’m afraid it might influence the quality. I don’t mind the wait as long as the sotry will be at least as good as the book one. Life has shown that repeated revisions and proof-reading makes stories better.

    Why don’t we all give Scott time to come up with his stories on his own pace and try to do something with owr own lives in the meantime.

    Awww nuts!

    No idea when THE CRYPT, Book Two will be released. If it helps (although I’m not sure it will) I can tell you that it’s not even on the schedule as yet. We’re hoping for sometime in 2014, but too soon to tell. So, if I had to say SOMETHING here, I’d say don’t expect it before 2015. (But also, don’t expect it FOR SURE in 2015, that’s not what I’m saying either.)

    I’m saying we have no idea as yet, but you’ll find out here on the site first, I promise you that.

    canCc an you atleast give us an idea when release date will be. I’m going crazy here

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