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the chicken scissors

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    Dew ends up shooting him in the leg outside in the snow when a naked a bloody Perry rushes him holding the scissors in one hand and his severed junk in the other.

    It’s mentioned in Contagious that it was later surgically reattached.

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    ok, so I’ve just read infected in PB format for the first time after ownng it for some time (I tried to read it but it just wasn’t the same without the FDO’s voice screaming in my I Gave it some time and tried again and read it in a marathon day last week!).. we are in Fatty Patty’s bathroom with the you know what scene and Mr D does the job.. but what I want to know is .. it was jiggling and trying to hatch… but did he have to pull out those tenticles and that body… or did he just leave it in? I know what he did with his member.. but not the hatchling….Just wondered?!

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