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  • Finished the book a few days ago. Kept re-reading bits and pieces, trying to stretch it out a bit (make the goodness last as long as possible 🙂 but sadly it had to come to an end) and now all I can do is wish the next book was just around the corner. Sigh. Whats the next one called? Anyone know? I’ve enjoyed this one most of all.

    Finished the book today, all I can say is “wow”.

    Just got my hard cover today…holy SHUCK! Already halfway through my ebook but OMG, have to say the mini GFL Today magazine in the middle was worth EVERY DAMN PENNY. Makes me wanna go back and play Mutant League Football for Sega Genesis just to have a TASTE of what a GFL video game would be like. Half Football game, Half Team management and half Adventure game for the off-season hijinks.

    So this is spoiler territory right?

    I will try not to be too spoiler-ific. But the Portath. Someone confirm for me what I am reading so far. Just started Ch 17. Are the Portath who I think they are? With platinum ships?

    If so, holy crap! Awesome. I listened to the first few audio chapters. But I think I am gonna burn some midnight oil so I can have this puppy locked in my memory banks before SiglerFest!

    I’m glad this book is finally out and people are reading it; I can finally talk to people (besides A) about it!

    I’m man enough to admit that there were a couple tears when [REDACTED].

    Anyone else catch the EARTHCORE connection? Awesome.

    Oh, yay, there is a topic!

    MILDLY SPOILER-Y (but not too much)

    asdfjk; Finished it the other day. I knew we’d be moving on far beyond just football at some point here. I wasn’t sure how I’d completely feel about it, but I loved this book and I’m excited to move on as well! Excellent book all around, even with those spots in my ebook that have 111 instead of in or something. ;P
    George and Tara are so adorable. BFFs I loved the little bits of their friendship we got to see in particular.

    RIP [Redacted] though D:

    Agreed. Just finished.
    This is, hands down, the best book in the GFL series so far.
    Cannot wait for the last two. Shit’s going to get real.

    Holy Shit, I just finished the book, but I need more, MORE Dammit! And the Portaths completely threw me for a loop. Was not expecting that.

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