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The Champion eBook

  • I didn’t see it either. Forwarded my email to ARealGirl and she responded that a very few of the emails went out without the link and quickly got me hooked up with it.

    Did you see the little tiny link titled “” under the The Champion Ebook line item in the invoice? My email had a listing for the hardback, (with the price,) and the second item was the ebook, (sans price,) with the download link right below it.

    I got the email this afternoon with order details, but there was no obvious web link to the ebook. Did I miss it? Anyone else have a similar experience?

    @BukaHobbit: Yes. If the system works the way it is supposed to, when the book’s street date hits (Sept. 30, 2014), you will get an email with a unique, perishable link allowing you to download the eBook.

    This is if your order hasn’t been cancelled, of course (meaning you cancelled it). So, it’s active orders at the time the book is released.

    In the past if you pre-ordered the special edition of a GFL book you got the ebook for free. Will this continue with the Champion? I sure hope so. You rock it, Sig!

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