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The Audiobook

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    Holllyyy Shiit. What an ending, the posibilities the posibilities. what will happen will it be like the prawat, will ALL the krackens survive? WHat an EVIL cliffhanger from an EVIL author. I knew i shouldnt have listened ahead as now i have suuucch a long wait for the next GFL book. I loved it though.

    Cand wait for the next evil cliffhangery book Scott.


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    I knew i shouldn’t have came to this forum…

    *it’s ok you will avoid the spoilers* :/

    Into the cloud eh? where’s the cranial rewind button? *bangs head*

    I’m outta here ASAP, so long and thanks for all the Quyth!

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    I know I read alot of it with Scott’s voices in my mind.”

    ….Scary thought eh?

    I started off listening to the rookie via podcast so its harder to read the story the same way as I listen. Even if I know the voices I expect in my head…actually hearing them makes every moment that much more filled with emotion.

    I honestly waited for this audiobook rather than reading the hard copy because the sig really makes the story come alive in the audiobook. I just can’t help enjoy the full production, voices, news jingles and the actual tone of the dialogue. I mean…would Messal’s scolding of John Tweedy’s gift ideas really come though the same way if you didn’t hear the way sigler read it?
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    Hey was it different for anyone else listening to the audiobook? I know it was for me. Even though at the end I knew they were going to the cloud, I was like Stop doing the D&D thing, stop exploring your universe more character development, I waited from FF7 to FF8 to get a simple kiss out of those games don’t make me wait you SOB with QB. (yes I know these are books.)

    Where as with the audiobook even though I knew what was coming I was like… *Stifled tear* “there all there for you, they back your play” “Rudy can take my place coach” *Stifled tear”.

    I don’t know why it was so different cause I know I read alot of it with Scott’s voices in my mind.

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