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The All-Pro paperback release date

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    One finally update.

    I received my paperback of The All Pro today. My son was very excited when he saw the package and remained pleased after opening and viewing its contents. It took 12 days to arrive since ordering but such joy on my son’s face was well worth its wait.

    Thank you A Kovacs for your e-mail communication and thank you Scott for simply being you.

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    @ratman19: Sweet! We’re happy that you’re happy.

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    Thought it best to send a follow up on my last post.

    Just received Scott Sigler’s Newsletter e-mail informing me of The All Pro and The MVP paperbacks being released. In the newsletter he explains everything that I wanted to know, and for that I am grateful.

    I ordered my paperback from this site a couple of days ago and I hope to receive it soon.

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    As a huge GFL fan, these paperbacks have been frustrating for myself and my son.

    I was under the impression that the paperbacks would be released last year but things fell through (which happens understandably). Recently I heard that they were finally being released today (June 30th 2014). We were excited and went to our local Barnes and Noble. We found they received a shipment of The Rookie, The Starter and The MVP. Since we go to Barnes and Nobles once a week and my son always looks for Scott Sigler books (although he owns them all). We bought The MVP and went to the customer service desk and asked if they were going to get The All-Pro soon. She says her computer says it hasn’t been released yet and will be released on September 1st. That must be incorrect right? Can’t imagine they would release The MVP before The All Pro.

    Its just unfortunate that Barnes and Noble doesn’t have any helpful information nor does Amazon. Having a son who is a fan and very impatient, its frustrating to not have any accurate information on there. Maybe it will be in stock on September 1st but I won’t count on it.

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    Amazon showed September 2014 as release date earlier, now my order status says the following:

    Delivery estimate We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.

    Let’s hope it will be a bit earlier. Can’t wait to read the third book. Luckily I have a friend loaning me his hardcover version soon so I can continue reading.

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    You can pre order the paperback on Amazon now.

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    Awesome. Thanks. I’ve not run out of things to read, but I want to keep The All-Pro on my radar. (Totally different type of fiction, but I’m getting geeked up for the next book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Also they are making a TV show as well.)

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    I’m working on it as we speak. Best I can tell you “as soon as possible”, but I don’t yet know an exact date. If I had to guess I’d say they’d be available on Amazon by the end of the year, and in the spring catalog for bookstores.

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    @JC_Hutchins_Fan: Lemme check with @ARealGirl and we’ll get that figured out for ya.

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    Does anyone have the scoop on when the paperback copies of The All-Pro will be released? Last I heard it was supposed to be on October 1st, but that has come and gone, and Amazon has no information about when they will be available.


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