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    my zip had 111 files in it maybe redownload?

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    THE ALL-PRO is YA. Every GFL story, every GFL hardcover, and all GFL audiobooks other than THE ROOKIE are YA friendly.

    There are no mature versions (other than THE ROOKIE audiobook, until we get a chance to re-record it) and there will never be.

    For the whole GFL series, we are a YA-and-YA-only house.

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    Hey I’m a new junkie, so can u tell me if the all pro audiobook come in a young adult or mature book?

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    That’s odd; my all-pro audio book is 111 files. You might want to contact the vendor. If you got it from BmB, those guys are super responsive and have resolved problems quite quickly in the past.

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    Hey guys can anyone help me here: I downloaded the .zip file for the all pro audio book and i received 107 files and i have no other files to listen to, can any one tell me how many files i should have? Because that can’t be the end surely? Any suggestions?

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