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The All Pro and Barnes and Noble

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    Right, I know it’s them….but I didn’t know if they gave you a timeline of sorts.

    Thanks for the response…I’ve got about 900 books on my TBR list anyway, so I’ll wait until it hits there to buy it.

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    It’s not us, dood, it’s them. It’s there, it went up the same time the Amazon stuff went up, but B & N is dragging feet.

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    I think you mis-understand, I dont’ want the Dead Tree version, I want the eBook version. ALL his eBooks are available on B&N, you don’t have to have a publisher to get it up there.

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    The Dark Øverlord media imprint is basically self-published. DØM has a “store” on amazon, so you can order through there, and the order is fulfilled by Scott.

    You basically can only order the DØM books (The Rookie, The Starter and The All-Pro) from, and They are a limited print run of only 2000, and it is very unlikely they will do another print run, nor make it available through big chain stores.

    The books Scott writes that are published by Crown (Infected, Contagious, Ancestor, and the upcoming Nocturnal) will be available through wider distribution, including Barnes and Noble.


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    I’ve heard that it would go live on September 6th and I haven’t seen it yet at B&N. I know I could get it from, but it’s important to me to keep my books coming from one place.

    I will never buy from Amazon, but I’ve been itching to read this thing, so I may have to break down and buy it from Backmybook.

    Anyone have any idea on when this MIGHT be available from Barnes and Noble??

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