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Thanks for helping me teach!

  • Some of Robert Heinlein’s books that feature young heros are awesome. Also, Frederick Pohl and Jack Williamson’s Undersea Trilogy (Undersea Quest, Undersea Fleet, Undersea City) is good. And finally, John Christopher’s Tripod Trilogy (The White Mountains, The City of Gold and Lead, and The Pool of Fire) captured me as a young reader. These are some of the ones that helped get me on the path.

    Thanks for what you do as a teacher!

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    Nothing makes me happier than to know I’m helping kids read/learn/develop. Shocking to me that this has happened, but I’m down with it. And a tip of the hat to you for helping our planet’s future!

    …which made hovering by the “pause” button pretty important! Laughing I agree that the GFL series is perfect for the YA audience though. Boys in particular love to read about sports, and as an english teacher anything that makes boys want to read is a good thing!

    What have you done today to make you feel proud?

    There was a lot of chatter on the forums about whether or not to leave The Rookie in its original (not child-friendly) version, or make it a YA novel. YA won out in the end and I’m sure this is the kind of story that reinforces the decision! My young nephews have all three in the series so far and have loved them. One of them has even taken to writing, I believe in part because of The Rookie.

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    Just wanted to say “Thanks” for helping me teach descriptive writing to my Year 9 students. (That makes them 13 years old). I teach English and have a bunch of kids who are currently not doing as well as they should be – they really need help to develop their descriptive skills beyound “It was a big scary creature”.

    So, I played the the section from “The Rookie” where Scott describes Sklorno for the first time (they were very happy to hear a voice that wasn’t mine, let me tell you!) and then got them to take inspiration from that to create and describe an alien creature of their own. The results were mixed, but they made a real breakthrough in terms of what they thought was possible. Huge thanks to Scott and all at Dark Overlord!

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