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Texan junkies: report in

  • I won’t be at SF or BC but I will be at DragonCon this year.

    Does that count? Combat Cook

    Just seeing who all from Texas is also a junkie and/or who is headed to SiglerFest/Balticon. Maybe share a little about yourself? Who knows? We may already know each other!

    I myself am stationed in Burleson, and will be attending both SiglerFest and Balticon. I, of course, love SciFi books, although I’m a little more partial to Fantasy. If you haven’t you should read anything and everything by Neil Gaimen, who is probably my favorite(don’t tell Scott). I came in on the FDØ train when he had several podios completed, I was quite spoiled in the beginning, but I have since caught up and learned what it means to really be a junkie.

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