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Tech ideas

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    Hey Scott,

    I just wanted to say I really like the tie-in with Google Maps, I thought that was a great idea, especially that in some cases you have pictures too, such as the lounge! Also, the use of sound effects was the perfec balance, not too many, and not too little, great balance.

    So, whats next, “Scratch and Sniff” Sigler Style!?

    Seriously though, do you have any plan to do more web linking in this latest podcast, Nocturnal? things like AI bots of some of the characters, or more towards having your junkie fans assist with the direction of the story?

    Well, I have to say that I love your books and podcasts, Infection being my favourite. I have all your Podcasts and the dead tree versions of your books, and was one of the peeps that did the Amazon gig with you. That was awesome, and Im sure Amazon took a crap seeing you fly up the ladder of the bext selling of the day and week(s). You can count on me if you do somethign like that again in the future.

    Right now, im loving Nocturnal!!

    Keep up the great work Scott.


    Jason< "DeVoiD"

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