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Team Creating Pure Evil AI- future story idea?

  • I thought you were lurking about. Besides, even though we never see you, when you’re around CB gets all sinister.


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     they were going to use a wetware cpu…something the size of maybe a pigeons brain??:p

     That would be one evil AI!

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    Meth Pigeon is not a computer.


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    Interesting. …I shall try and be back with more thoughts later.

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    Future story idea?

    A recent story on Slashdot:

    Team Aims to Create Pure Evil AI

     "Scientific American reports on the efforts of Selmer Bringsjord and his team at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, who have been attempting to develop an AI possessed of an interesting character trait: pure evil. From the article, ‘He and his research team began developing their computer representation of evil by posing a series of questions beginning with the basics: name, age, sex, etc., and progressing to inquiries about this fictional person’s beliefs and motivations. This exercise resulted in "E," a computer character first created in 2005 to meet the criteria of Bringsjord’s working definition of evil. Whereas the original E was simply a program designed to respond to questions in a manner consistent with Bringsjord’s definition, the researchers have since given E a physical identity: It’s a relatively young, white man with short black hair and dark stubble on his face.’"

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