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Taking The Rookie to the Libary?

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    The Rookie is not in print YET.  there is something coming for a comic version of it, but I can’t remember if any official word has been given on a print novel.

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    I have a friend who might be interested, but cannot follow audio books at all.

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    I did the same for a friend with nocturnal, but i just passed it on to another friend. Its been going around my school like crazy.

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    That’s a nice thought, but yeah, that’s copyrighted stuff and I don’t want unpackaged material in a libarary. Libraries likely won’t even take it. Pass it on to a friend who is also MP3 challenged.

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     My Dad is a huge football and science fiction fan, so after I listened to The Rookie I knew it would be right up his alley. Unfortunately both my parents currently live in the dark ages and don’t own a MP3 player, let alone know how to download anything from the internet.  So I did what any good daughter would do and burnt 16 audio CDs.   Now that he is done can he take the CDs to the Library for others to enjoy or is that against some copy right law? 

    On the side note he is now requesting the rest of your books. Perhaps requesting isn’t the right word more like demanding.

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