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    @SHoeSTRiNg92: So are you all set, then? I’m a little behind keeping up with your image needs for the tat (which is inexcuseable!). Looks like ARealGirl had your back, as she usually does.

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    That’s the one I already found, but thanks. I know the Savior symbols are the dagger going through an eye and the cross. and I don’t want to get a cross tattoo, but if I get the maries children and the protection symbol, those look kind of plain, while the dagger saviors symbol I’d probably end up getting done realistically, so it doesn’t flow right…

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    Here’s on set of tattoos, but otherwise I am still looking for the art from the book found elsewhere:

    James Woll NOCTURNAL tats

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    Can’t figure out how to edit from my phone, so i meant can someone post pictures for all of them.

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    What are all the symbols from Nocturnal? The ones I can think of offhand are the Protection Symbol, the Saviors Symbol, and the Children of (drawing a blank on te name right now…) Are there any more? If so, what are they and can someone please post pall of them?


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